Friday, May 11, 2007

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder how much longer I will be "alive and kicking" (or in my case "alive and jerking!) on this sometimes strange, sometimes ugly but still wonderful planet. Even though I am in great health and still feel and act like a horny teenager much of the time I occasionally have to face the fact that I am 66 years old with 67 just a few short months away. Facing my own mortality is not something I dwell on you understand...but at my age (any age in fact!) you do have to remember that it ain't gonna' last forever! There just ain't no way to get out of this life alive that I know of! Actually I had that figured out at about six years of age but back then my sixties seemed so far, far away! My biggest surprise in life has definitely been how the years have flown by so quickly...and they still aren't slowing down! I'm now in the third and final act of this real life drama so I better make it good!

Sometimes I also wonder how good or bad my remaining years will be, romantically speaking. Will I find a compatible companion to spend them with or will I like so many elderly people be forced to live a solitary and sometimes lonely life. Being an optimist I tend to think that I will find another partner to live those final years with. It could possibly be my neighbor in m Kathy or it may be someone else I've yet to meet. Then again it might be nobody...only time will tell. Actually I don't mind living alone all that much. I've lived by myself more than I've been in relationships in my life and for the most part I've enjoyed it. Oh it would be nice to find the perfect relationship but I learned a long time ago that most people do not live like Ozzie and Harriett or the Cleaver family of "Leave It To Beaver" fame. There are few worse things in life than being in a miserable relationship. I do speak from experience there!

Sometimes I wonder if I will continue to be the horny bastard that I am today as I move into my 70's and 80's and if I'm lucky even into my 90's. Will I still be ogling the babes off and on the web and fantasizing about eating pussy and fucking and getting sucked off? Will I be getting any real poontang at all in my latter years or will my sex life be limited to compulsive jacking off as it is now? Or will I slowly lose interest in the sex game altogether and by then even Viagra won't help the old pecker stand at attention? I tend to think that I will stay still pretty much as I am which is one horny old son-of-a-bitch, at least for a good long while. I really believe in the old theory of "use it or lose it!" and God knows my old dong gets plenty of use!

I suppose that my biggest fear is that I will become immobile and/or senile and end up in a nursing home. Does anybody know if you are allowed to jack off in those goddamn places? Are you allowed to play "Hide the Salami" with the female residents if you both are ready and willing and still remember how to do it? Actually it's a minority of people who end up there and I intend to keep active mentally and physically and independent as long as possible. Meanwhile maybe somebody will come up with Viagra for the brain! Like the whole concept of my mortality, it's not something that I dwell on. Whatever will be, will be!

Sometimes I wonder more than anything else how long I can keep coming up with new ideas for this lame ass blog, especially since my social/sex life is currently in another state of limbo. I'll have more to say about that subject on my next post which by the way will be my 200th post and on the second anniversary of my first blog post next Wednesday. Until then you folks all take it one day at a time but remember it ain't gonna' last forever...and that even goes for you young whippersnappers! Remember also that it's still National Masturbation Month so y'all join in the festivities! Cheers!


sexybiguy said...

Hi Mike, well congrats on the first dinner with Kathy. I do hope it turns into something beautiful. And on the old age and masturbation. I pray I will be able to jerk off until I am under the grass. And if this bi guy ever has to go to a home, I will ask for a bi roommate,,lol mmm.
On a side note, this bi guy sucked the biggest cock he ever had this week. The guy was hung like a horse,,9" and thick as a baseball bat..It was a stretch (no pun intended), but i got him 3/4 way I just know you wanted to hear that Mike. That will make a great blog story,,you have a great weekend HOG,,BI Johnny

cynthia said...

Mikey I think you going to be like da dude in da cartoon doin da fuckin :) now get yo ass down here in FL okay? :)

Ur freind and fan

anonymous redhead said...

"There are few worse things in life than being in a miserable relationship" you said - you got that right! I've been on my own again for a year now without any male companionship, and as lonely as it gets it beats the hell out of being in an unhappy marriage or being with someone that doesn't love me or really know me or care to get to know me - they just don't want to be alone themselves.

Kathy calling twice so far sounds promising... maybe it will develop further? Hope so. I'm pulling for you. Even if it's just the sex!

Mysterium said...

Hope I have half your energy at 66 :) Keep it up wildman

Al Sensu said...

Mike, you are my hero. I'm 54 and, like you, hope to live a long life, but one of my greatest fears is losing wood. I have noticed a bit of a slowdown in that I sometimes skip a day, but I think that's due more to my daily work schedule than anything phsiological. I'd rather be horny and not having as much sex as I want (a permanent condition it seems) than not caring. I also want to say that I love your photoshop work. The gravestone is a riot and I expect I might go that way too.

Mike Stewart said...

Glad you're continuing to have bi-fun up there in the Frozen North Bi Johnny!

Cyn darlin' I hope you are right about me being "da dude in da cartoon doin da fucking" (LOL) and Florida is sounding better ever day!!!

We agree totally about being in bad relationships redhead...we both speak from experience!

Thanks for stopping by mysterium (I like your blog!) and thanks for the comment!

Thanks for those kind words Mr. Sensu! "Use it or lose it!" has worked so far for me...with a little help from Viagra if "Junior" doesn't want to do what my brain is telling the rest of me to do! Cheers!