Friday, March 06, 2009

Oh My God! They're Playing My Song!

Having little to do these days but twiddle my thumbs and play with my weenie I decided to put together a montage of graphics from my web site and still pictures I got from Google Image Search and combine them with a silly song I got from the web which deals with my favorite solitary activity. I wanted to post it on YouTube so I had to keep it fairly clean since YouTube prohibits full frontal nudity and explicit sex. I think it turned out reasonably well and have decided to embed it in my blog for your viewing pleasure. I hope you get a few chuckles out of it. No that fat bastard in the video is NOT me and I sure hope whoever he is he doesn't decide to sue me! You will see a slightly disguised and censored peek at me in the video if you look close.

You can see a more explicit version of this video (without the fat man and Imelda Marcos as the Filipino whore LOL) I posted on X Tube HERE.

I see that you now have to go through a "Content Warning" to enter this blog. According to Blogger "Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable." Wow! I don't understand why people would think that, do you?  Anyway this procedure has apparently taken all of my nasty pictures and graphics out of the Google image search engine which in turn has cut the visitors to my blog WAY down. I was actually getting 10,000 visitors and over 20,000 hits a month from all over the world for a while even though this lame ass blog has been basically dead for almost two years. I now have a mere fraction of those numbers, down by about 80 per cent I think. I guess this means no more Eskimos or Ubangis will be jacking off to my nude pictures of Kate Winslet or Drew Barrymore. Sayonara to all you kamikaze meat beaters in Japan, Auf Wiedersehen  to all you sausage massagers in Germany and Bonjour to all you pussy eaters in France! Oh newfound international popularity was nice while it lasted!

In other news I've recently met someone of the female variety and have the feeling that I soon might be "getting lucky" soon again if you know what I mean and I think you do. It's still early and only time will tell as to whether the Horny Old Guy will soon be "back in the saddle" but I've got a good feeling about it. Keep your fingers and anything else you've got crossed for me. More about this soon...I hope! Meanwhile there is nothing for me to do but prepare for another "Saturday Night Jack Off" like old Fat Boy in my YouTube video! Thanks for stopping by!